South Regina Community Soccer

The South Regina Community Soccer (SRCS) league is the amalgamation of the outdoor soccer programs of the four south Regina Community Associations, those being:
Albert Park/Harbour Landing       Hillsdale       Lakeview       Whitmore Park
Players from other areas of Regina and surrounding communities are also welcome.

SRCS is a recreational NO CUT outdoor soccer program. The season runs May 1 through June 22, 2017 with an end-of-the-season Wind-Up scheduled for June 24, 2017. Weather permitting, each team will play 2 games per week, Monday through Thursday for a total of 16 games. U14 and U18 teams play an interlocking schedule with West Zone teams. All other age groups will be placed on teams that play all their games within the areas of Albert Park/Harbour Landing, Lakeview, Hillsdale and Whitmore Park.

Please be advised, parents or caregivers are ultimately responsible for supervision of their child(ren) at all times. South Regina Community Soccer Executive and Volunteers (Coaches and Assistants) are not responsible for supervision before, during or after games.

2016 Season in Review

This was another great year for South Regina Community Soccer.  There were 1011 players, almost our record number of participants.   These players formed 89 teams in U4 to U18 age divisions.

This season, a few rainouts were experienced during the 8 week season.  A total of 712 games were scheduled to be played, plus the wind-up games on June 25.  At the wind-up, the coaches and many of the players confirmed that they had a wonderful season and most would be back next year.  Some of youngest players confirmed that they did indeed score a goal, and that they learned to pass the ball and most importantly, they had fun!

The 2016 SRCS coordinator team consisted of only 5 – by the end of the season – very tired volunteers.   This group struggled with the many components of putting together a soccer season for your children.   Three or four more volunteers, each taking on a role, would assist significantly in making the planning and coordination of the soccer program much more manageable for all.  The areas not covered at present are:  marketing, website editing, team building and scheduling.

The time commitment is typically 4 or 5 planning meetings, participation in 2 registration sessions in February and March, the equipment sort day in April and the wind-up day at the end of June, in addition to the work related to your volunteer job of choice.  Many hands make light work.  If interested in joining the team, please contact Alberta by early October at or 306-529-4511.

IN-door Soccer (fall/winter)

We, South Regina Community Soccer do NOT offer an IN-door soccer program but our affiliate the South Zone Recreation Board does.  Their contact details are as follows:

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